5 Creepiest Killer Selfies

Published in Entertainment at April 18th, 2017 at 10:27 AM

5 Creepiest killer selfies from sick individuals that took selfies while eating there victim to killers that got caught on cctv committing there acts.

James Holmes

James holmes was the man who murdered 12 and injured more,

in the 2012 Aurora cinema shootings in colorado.

It was for a screening of the newest Batman movie, a deep love of the Joker, that was the reasoning behind the attacks.

His behaviour prior to the mass murder was described as increasingly schizophrenic.

His notebooks filled with scribblings of how he was going to carry out the attacks and how he hated society and people.

Just hours before the attack he mailed his notebook to his psychiatrist.

He also documented his spiralling out of control in a range of selfies with guns and homemade bombs which are chilling to look at now.

Dennis Rader

Dennis Rader was nicknamed the BTK killer in the media, it stood for bind, torture kill.

He was found to have commited heinous crimes against 4 innocent people during the 70s 80s and 90s.

During his spree he would send taunting letters to the papers and media outlets, asking why he wasnt being given more media attention for his acts.

He was caught in 2005 after sending strange and creepy dolls to more media stations.

On searching his belongings police found a collection of bondage photos that showed Rader in his victims clothing and re-enacting various death scenes.

Its believed each shot was matching how the person died who's clothes he was wearing.

Anton Lundin Petterson

This was the selfie taken in 2015 by Kronan school student Anton Lundin Petterson minutes before commiting several murders.

Soon after the photo, Pettersson muttered the words "I am your father" and began slicing and stabbing students at the school. He was referring to the darth vader mask he had on.

He killed 3 and injured more in a racially motivated attack. He hadgrudges against the migratant situation in his country and town.

CCTV footage and a confession note showed how he was targetting the ethnic minorities in the school.

Colonel David Russell

Colonel David Russell was a high ranking pilot in the Canadian forces.

He had flown for his entire life and had even got such VIPs as the Queen of England around the country.

It was his career until his car tires linked him to an assault and murder of a woman from 2010.

It was then an investigation took place of his personal belongings and a log book was found of Williams wearing assortments of women's underwear in dozens of different locations. His precision linked him to 82 cases of stalking women and stealing their lingerie

He was convicted of 2 deaths but suspected of more. He was dishonourably discharged, his uniform burned and medals were shredded.

Issei Sagawa

In 1981, Issei Sagawa shot a female college classmate dead, violated her corpses, butchering her and then ate her flesh.

He was caught soon after and he immediately told the French police he felt weak, ugly and small and he killed and ate his victim to absorb the energy of her tall western body.

He was deemed insane and sent back to Japan where he remains to this day.