10 Scary Moments in Survival Horror Games

Published in Entertainment at April 18th, 2017 at 11:36 AM

10 Scary moments in survival horror games, have you ever found your self crap your self while playing a horror game when something just pops out and gives you the shock of your life, well we have but together 10 scary moments like these that we think have caught many players out, check them out.

Resident Evil 1 - Zombie Introduction

It should come as no shock that this scene would be number 1 on the list. This scene alone defined the Survival Horror genre in gaming today.

Just the fact you slowly approach what looks like a survivor only to see them chowing down on one of your fallen teammates before giving you a lifeless stare easily sends chills up the spines of first time players. This scene is so iconic that it has been remade countless times in other horror video games.

Resident Evil 4 - Regenerator Chapter

So at this point during the game, The scenery takes a drastic change from the Spanish villages to a scientific research facility.

Rule of thumb with any resident evil game is that when you reach a research lab, your know your going to be facing off against something disturbing and powerful. This game is no exception.

When the player picks up a key-card to access the autopsy rooms in Chapter 5-1, They will immediately be attacked by a Regenerado.

It’s appearance alone is something to be afraid of but during your first encounter, you will notice that these creatures are no pushovers as they at first seem invincible, But even when finding their weakness, your need to have a good aim because these things will stop at nothing to kill the player.

Alien Isolation - Hide and Seek

Based on one of the scariest horror films of the 70s, Alien Isolation lives up the franchises expectations as the entire game is scary. So as if the Working Joes weren’t creepy enough, The xenomorph portions of the game are terrifying as it requires the player to essentially play hide and seek which would be an easy task in most games today.

However, The Xenomorphs’ in game AI is insanely accurate making him very unpredictable as well as smart. This is extremely terrifying when trying to save the game at one of the game’s save points during these segments of the game. It usually takes a few seconds for your game save to register,

However the Xenomorph can literally interrupt this by attacking, thus making you lose your progress.

Silent Hill 2 - Pyramid Head Reveal

Silent Hill was bound to show up on this list in some form. During the Apartments part of Silent Hill 2, You will be given a number of tasks to undertake on different floors of the apartment complex. At some point during your time inside of this building, you will eventually run towards a barred off area of the building only for the player to see Pyramid Head simply staring at them through the bars.

So with this in mind, this sends the playing into a sense of impending doom as they know they’re going to be seeing him up close & personal soon. Well they do in the form of a cut-scene.

The cut-scene shows the player character hiding in a closet while watching Pyramid Head dismember one of the manikin monsters before standing in front of the closet the player is hiding in waiting for you to make a move.

Luckily for the player however, they were able to make him retreat when finding a clip of ammo in the closet and unloading it on Pyramid Head, Although you know it’s not the last time you’ll be seeing him.

The Evil Within - Spider Woman Chase

You know what’s horrifying? Getting chased down by an unholy abomination. So The Evil Within was a fantastic way to bring back the survival horror genre as the game itself feels like Resident Evil 4 but for a modern generation which makes sense since both games are Shinji Mikami’s creation.

Well he hasn’t lost his touch as the enemies and level design throughout the game are incredible, Including the well designed and well thought out chapter design for Reborn Laura’s Chase scene (or more commonly known as Spider Lady).

Through this portion of the chapter, The player is literally scrambling to escape this monstrosity as well as having to dodge a number of trip mines along the way. It should be noted that any attacks from her lead to an instant death.

The Last of Us - Basement

At this point, It’s safe to say that The Last of Us has set the bar for modern day Survival Horror games as it takes elements of the original Resident Evil’s suspense and supply management and merge it with Uncharted’s game-play. It is a literal masterpiece in storytelling. There is one part of the game that almost all players talk about and that’s the basement portion of the game.

This part takes place in fairly close quarters as the player progresses through a hotel’s basement area to switch on the generator to bring power back to the building.

Through this segment, The game throws a ton of enemies at the player so the player has to be incredibly sneaky when traversing the hallways as well as being as quiet as possible. It is nail biting.

Parasite Eve - Rat Transformation

Although only an introduction for an enemy, This transformation is just down right disturbing.

as it starts off by showing the rat making odd roaring like sounds before showing the parasite taking over it’s DNA.

This slowly and somewhat gruesomely transforms the rat into a monster. This easily gave kids nightmares.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem - Sanity Effects

Eternal Darkness is a highly underrated gem on the GameCube that doesn’t get enough recognition as it should. The game plays fairly similar to Resident Evil as you play a variety of characters that span over different time periods. Now the scariest part of this game doesn’t necessarily come from the story,

But the game itself literally messes with the players themselves. The game incorporates a Sanity Meter in which your Sanity depletes when damage is taken. What this does is provide visual hallucinations that single-handedly scare the player.

These hallucinations include the player’s TV channel being swapped over,

The game faking a pc’s Blue Screen Error code,

and even showing the player’s Save Data being Deleted when attempting to save.

Dino Crisis - T Rex

So this scene is everything you could ever want from a game that uses dinosaurs. So Dino Crisis is essentially Resident Evil but with Dinosaurs. Although a weird concept, It works incredibly well.

Going into this, every first time player is expecting to see a T-Rex in this game so this alone has the player on the edge of their seat but even when it happens, the player still gets the shock of their life.

So the player goes to the chiefs office to put in a code to unlock a safe that contains a key card inside. The literal second the code is put in,

The Tyrannosaurus’’head smashes through the glass of the room and snatches a corpse that was already in the room before you got there. At this point, The T-Rex’s head comes back in the room for a chance at taking you.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - The Dead Rise

So when Wolfenstein was rebooted back in 2014, It was a great way to bring the franchise back to it’s roots with it being more about science rather than supernatural elements that a few games before it had.

Well in 2015 an expansion was released that gave the players 2 new stories that respectively had the scientific elements in story 1 and the supernatural elements in story 2. At the start of story 2, Your character is undercover at a local german pub in an attempt to retrieve plans from Nazi Researcher, Helga Von Schabbs only for an earthquake to happen during the whole operation that kills a number of nazi troops in the process.

When escaping the wreckage of the pub, You see one lone nazi standing in the middle of a hallway ready for you to take down. As you do this, He turns around only to be a zombie. This surprises the player as they are quickly swarmed by more nazi zombies.

At the end of this portion, You see one of your teammates being attacked by a nazi zombie as all you can do is watch her die. This alone sets the tone for the rest of the game.