10 Scariest Diseases In The World

Published in Entertainment at April 18th, 2017 at 9:29 AM

Having a cold or even the flu will feel like a day out at the beach when you hear what some poor souls have to endure on a daily basis. These people have the worst and scariest diseases known to doctors around the planet.

Necrotizing Fasciitis

Necrotizing Fasciitis is a flesh eating disease that does exactly what it says; the bacteria that destroys the deeper tissue before coming to the surface to cause more damage.

Its linked to other diseases that decrease the immune systems ability to fight it off such as diabetes and could be a reason why a lot of amputations occur with this illness. This isn't a specific single bacteria either, there are many groups that can cause its


Leprosy is caused by a bacteria that gets very scary when it is known to lie dormant for anywhere up to 20 years before showing symptoms. Symptoms that develop include growths on the respiratory tract, skin, and eyes.

This may result in a lack of ability to feel pain and thus loss of parts of extremities due to repeated injuries or infection. In biblical days, lepers were discarded into large quarry like areas so as to not infect people further.

Leontiasis Ossea (LEON-TIA-SIS OSS-IA)

Leontisasis Ossea has its name in origins linked to lion face. And its easy to see why, with patients resembling the shape of a lions. The disease is actually in the bones and it causes them to fuse together to cause a completely different looking skull.

The illness can be treated with many many painful procedures. A little piece of research has been done that may link the muse for the great sphynx having the disease.

Cancrum Oris

Cancrum Oris is known as Noma and is gangrene that occurs on the face. Its usually those who are malnourished who suffer from the disease and its an opportunist as to how it affects.

The disease will just eat away at the skin of those infected and before the victim knows it they've lost half of their face to the disease, with lips and nose being the most extreme losses in patients.

Cutaneous Horns

Cutaneous horns are actually tumours, similar to how toe and finger nails are constructed, but look more sinister.

The exact cause isn't known but its linked to the same virus as the cold sore and some forms of radiation. The good side to this is they can be chopped off at regular intervals just like your finger nails.

The Filarial Worm

The filarial worm is something out of the depths of horror stories and gross out tales. The worm will find its way to the eye of its victim no matter how it gets into the body. Its even visible for all to see.

The worm sits in waiting before it makes a small appearance and a doctor will then slowly extract it bit by bit until you're clear. Just hope it doesn't lay eggs before it leaves or you'll have to wait once more.

Madura Foot

Madura foot is actually caused by extreme fungal disease on the feet. This is much more than other foot conditions, its complete ecosystem living on your foot. Its caused by spores getting in wounds.

They lie dormant for months before suddenly exploding into puss filled mounds all over the foot and reach right down into the bone. The only treatment is antifungal or worse, amputation.


Elephantitis, made famous by the Elephant Man movie, is when tissue and skin becomes thicker and thicker. Its once again caused by a worm using bacteria and also mosquitoes.

Next time you see a mosquito make sure you squish it because it can give you this permanent disease. although no currently cure, its predicted that by 2025 it'll be eradicated completely.

Dracunculiasis (DRACK-UN-CULL-EE-AH-SIS)

This is also known as guinea worm disease and its like something Stephen King would write about. The egg of the worm is digested, hatched in the stomach, before migrating to somewhere in the body where it lives under a blister.

As soon as some appears a process lasting weeks begins where the worm is slowly removed. If its pulled too fast, it'll snap and go back in the body to move somewhere else.

Fibrodysplasia (FIBRO-DIS-PLACE-EE-AH)

This disease, in laymans terms, causes the body to repair broken tissue as solid bone. That means when your muscles grow and repair, its bone in its place. Your whole body becomes solid bone over time.

If the new bone is cut off, the body goes into overload and grows ever more to replace it. There is no cure or treatment. The oldest survivor was 40 and had his entire body except lips made of solid bone. Its a frightening thought.