25 Facts About Death To Blow Your Mind

Published in Entertainment at May 2nd, 2017 at 4:43 AM

25 Facts about death to blow your mind, Death is a subject that people try to avoid talking about but there is no doubt we all going to face it, so here are some crazy facts about death.

Doctors Handwritting

Doctors handwriting actually causes some deaths every year.

Missing Bones

You die with less bones in your body than you had when you were born.

Just Like Jesus

Crucifixion is still a punishment in Sudan.

Don't Drink & Drive

Every hour at least 1 person is killed by a drunk driver in the US.


Pollution account for around 1 in 5 deaths.


Malaria is believes to have killed at least 50% of all the humans that have ever died.

The Total Number

Around 100 billion people have died.

Happy Birthday

On average, 153,000 people will die on your birthday.


Sharks kill 1 person per year, whilst humans kill around 11,000 an hour.

Cellular Regeneration

Around 130,000 of your cells die every minute.

Laughing To Death

Greek philosopher Chrysiphus died of laughter after getting his donkey drunk.

Couch Potato

Sedentary lifestyles are the leading preventable contribution to death.

Innocent Death Row

Around 1 in 25 people executed on death row have been innocent.


A coconut landing on your head has more chance to kill you than a gun shot.

Google Fights Back

Google created a company who has the sole aim of defeating death.

Mount Everest

There are around 200 dead bodies on Mount Everest.

Inside Out

After 5 days of being dead, a humans stomach acid will start to eat its way out of your body.


Left handed people have a shorter life span than right-handers.

Can't Die Here

Its illegal to die in the houses of parliament in London.


Suicide in New York takes more lives than any other reason.

Overweight Drivers

Fat drivers are more likely to crash and die.

Roman Beliefs

The Romans believed that redheads would become vampires when they died.

Hearing Goes Last

Hearing is the last sense to go when the body dies.

Stored In A Tub

The creator of the Pringles can had his ashes stored in a Pringles can.

Population Wipeout

80% of the men born in 1923 Soviet Russia died in World War 2.