10 Mythical Creatures That May Exist

Published in Entertainment at April 18th, 2017 at 10:58 AM

10 Mythical creatures that may exist, here are some creatures that exist and you may have never seen before and some that scientists have just discovered their existence.


Next to the Sasquatch, The Yeti has been a popular myth for the longest time. Well recently in 2014, Oxford Scientists searched the Himalayas and discovered fur that is believed to have come from a yeti. After conducting DNA tests, It has been confirmed that the fur was genuine and that yetis are real….Well almost.

They exist but they’re not what we imagined them to be. DNA results show that these creatures are more related to a form of Polar Bear that existed more than 40,000 years ago rather than them being more relatable to humans as popular of a theory as that is.


Although technically human, Hobbits were originally thought to be a work of fiction by writer, J.R.R Tolkien,

However in recent years, Archaeologists have dug up bones that highly resemble that of a hobbit.

This is due to the sheer size of these skeletons being around 3 foot tall and the skull itself being ? the size of a regular human skull.

It is suspected that these bones are in fact from humans who had growth issues back then, but is more likely to have come from a different species that share ties with the human race, similar to how Neanderthals are seen.

Norse Berserker

Although technically a human, This myth of Norse Berserker's may well be true. This group of people were all gifted with the power of strength, endurance and durability of supernatural levels.

Researchers believe that their power is a side effect that comes from taking hallucinogenic drugs right before battle make these warriors fearless, rage induced and invulnerable to pain. This drug is believed to be a form of Bufotenine which is known for causing almost berserker levels of rage to it’s user.

The Kraken

It is widely believed that the Kraken was just a larger and more exaggerated version of the Giant Squid, Well recently a Colossal Squid was discovered in the Southern Ocean and was estimated to be 46 feet in length and it’s eyes and beak were said to have been much bigger than that of the Giant Squid.

What sets this creature apart from the giant squid and other Colossal Squids however is that the suckers on each tentacle come with a line of sharp hooks, Thus relating it more towards the description of a Kraken. Other findings show that fossilised kraken remains were found in the depths of the ocean alongside what appears to be the remains of it’s victims.


The Chupacabra was first reported in 1995 in Puerto Rico and has since been reported widespread in Mexico and even in North America. The Chupacabra is a beast that is known for feeding on farmer’s livestock but only feeds off of blood and not flesh. The most popular belief is that the Chupacabra is a form of reptile that last leathery green skin, Sharp quills that stick out from it’s back and arms, Is about 4 feet tall and stands on 2 legs, Travels similar to a kangaroo by hopping.

Although this is the most popular appearance, The lesser known appearance sounds a lot more believable as it looks to be a hybrid of 2 different canine in which one was domesticated whereas the other was not. It is also noted that this form doesn’t have many teeth so this would fit in perfectly with how the Chupacabra was reported to have only sucked the blood of livestock rather than eating flesh.

Dire Wolves

Due to popular belief thanks to George R.R Martin’s fantastic Game of Thrones series as well as other depictions of these beasts in fictional-based media, Dire Wolves were believed to be a fictional creature, Although they were very much real.

Although extinct, Dire Wolves patrolled North America and Canada throughout earth’s last ice age 2.6 million years ago. In Los Angeles, around 400 dire wolf skulls were found in the LA Brea Tar Pits and are now on display in the On Site museum.

Megalania Prisca

Australia is known for having some scary creatures, but did you know that they also a had a giant man eating lizards as well? Well the Megalania Prisca is a now extinct creature that continues to haunt the deserts long after their extinction.

Many sources have claimed to have seen the giant lizard roaming the deserts of Australia, however there has been no solid evidence of them being alive and well today. This is one myth in which we know the creature existed for sure but are not sure if it still exists today.

Duck-Billed Platypus

Although it’s common knowledge now, The Duck Billed Platypus used to be a myth in itself until it was discovered in 1799. This creature shocked local European tourists as it was a really unusual creature consisting of a Duck billed, a Beaver’s tail and an Otter’s feet. Now it’s a regular animal you can find at your local zoo.


Although this creature bares the marking and resemblance of a zebra, This animal is closer to the Giraffe as they are the only two species to be apart of the Giraffidae family. The Okapi was discovered in the early 1900's and is known to inhabit the rain forests of Africa. This creature used to be a myth as it was well known to ancient Egyptians, even though they were not native animals in that country.

Komodo Dragon

The Komodo Dragon was only discovered in 1910 after a number of different sources from locals who lived on the island reported seeing odd looking “Land Crocodiles” on an island called “Komodo Island”. They were discovered by Lieutenant Van Steyn van Hensbroek who decided to visit the island himself to seek out these creatures and report them to the western part of the world.